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    We have listed a series of Step-by-Step videos describing in detail our process for the main services we provide here at TeamGrout. Check them out and contact us if you need any help!

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    Can be a great option if your grout isn’t damaged and just needs a really good scrub with a heavy duty machine and the right chemicals to lift off all the dirt and bring back the life to your grout lines. We use a series of bristle brushes powered by a floor machine which adds the necessary weight and pressure to make sure all dirt comes off! This process includes a regular grout clear sealer application and will take 4 hours to cure (we recommend not stepping on the floor while it’s curing).


    This is the process used to bring the grout back to NEW CONDITION. Yes, literally NEW! Unlike the Regular Cleaning, this process removes 100% Dirt and Restores 100% of the grout lines, cracks, and holes. In this process we perform Deep Degreasing Cleaning to prepare the floor for the restoration and Colour Sealer Treatment. This process will take 1 day to dry and adhere completely, so we recommend to stay away from grout lines in the mean time.

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    At TeamGrout we not only offer the highest quality service on the market, but we thrive to build our reputation based on great results and happy customers. Our services focus on Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration. From Grout Colour Sealing to Full Shower Restoration; we take care of it all! (showers, backsplashes, foyers, patios, floors, basements, stairs, and more).

    Our technicians are certified and professionally trained to deliver the best quality of work while being respectful and conscious of their surroundings. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail at: or give us a call to book a FREE Quote at (647) 370-4549.

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      Water and etch marks are a very common occurrence on natural stone surfaces such as vanities, countertops, and powder room floors. Substances such as hand soap, sweat, or cosmetic products can create these ring marks and water-like marks on the surface. They can’t be wiped off because the shine has been removed by the chemical reaction with the natural stone. It would need a Full Restoration to bring it back to new and a High Penetrating Impregnator Sealer to prevent this from happening again.

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      Depending on the condition of your floors, we would recommend the best solution to get them looking brand new again. From a simple Floor Polishing or Light Resto to a Full Floor Restoration, we do it all. Call us today to find out more and to get a hassle-free quote.