Yes, we understand your frustration. Grout lines are the single most frustrating part of the cleaning process around the house. Regardless of how hard you try to clean them (even using harsh and toxic chemicals) they just don’t end up looking too clean.

This is due to normal structural shifting where, over time, grout lines start to crack and little pieces begin to break off. Holes start to appear and to the naked eye, it looks like dirt; but in reality, they are holes that don’t reflect light consistently and, therefore, give the appearance of dirt all over the place.

This is why people love our Restoration Service. This service includes the detailed and independent treatment for each and every grout line, filling in the holes and cracks while sealing it with a Colour Sealer that best highlights the tiles and gives an over all Brand New Look to your floors!


The difference its pretty simple.

Regular Grout Cleaning: Can be a great option if your grout isn’t damaged and just needs a really good scrub with a heavy duty machine and the right chemicals to lift off all the dirt and bring back the life on your grout lines. We use a series of grit bristle brushes by a floor machine which adds the necessary weight and pressure to make sure all dirt comes off! This process includes a regular grout clear sealer application and will take 4 hours to cure (we recommend not stepping on the floor while it’s curing).

Full Grout Resto: This is the process used to bring the grout back to NEW CONDITION. Yes, literally NEW! Unlike the Regular Cleaning, this process removes 100% Dirt and Restores 100% of the grout lines, cracks, and holes. In this process we perform Deep Degreasing Cleaning to prepare the floor for the restoration and Colour Sealer Treatment. This process will take 1 day to dry and adhere completely, so we recommend to stay away from grout lines in the mean time.

Yes, this is the whole ‘enchilada’. It’s definitely worth every penny if what you’re looking to get is Brand New floors | Kitchen Floors | Bathroom Floors | SplashBacks | Showers | Halls | Foyers, etc..

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